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About Us

About Us

creating works of art through Marble

Alen Marble is a brand that has quickly grown in the marble and natural stone industry, bringing innovative ideas and exporting marble and natural stones to many countries. Carefully extracted from all corners of Turkey, marble and natural stones are collected in Afyon and continue their journey to be distributed worldwide.

Alen Marble is recognized for its innovative approach that shapes the industry. They effectively utilize technology throughout the production process and aim to provide high-quality products. Starting from the extraction of natural stones, they work meticulously in the processing, cutting, and transformation stages to deliver exceptional results.



Alen Marble adopts the principle of continuing
investments on qualified human resources to make
quality service model sustainable.


Alen Marble embarks on the principle of maintaining
investments for the sake of becoming global pioneer
of the industry and of becoming the most preferred
branch in the industry all over the globe.


Grey Marble Sink

We Introduce the Asian Marbles to the World

From Asia to America, We introduce the best marbles that suits your appetite.

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